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Restorative Dentistry at Luminous Dental

Amalgam Free fillings
All fillings that we use at Luminous Dental are amalgam & mercury free. We offer porcelain & composite resin restorations that are tooth colored & can be color matched to the color of your natural teeth. This creates an aesthetically pleasing & seamless result. 
Crowns & Bridges
The function & appearance of a broken smile can be restored withCrowns & Bridges. These are made of extremely strong & aesthetically pleasing material that can be color matched to your natural teeth.
Crowns are used to restore a single tooth that has suffered extensive damage. They are custom made “caps” that protect your natural tooth structure.
Bridges are used to restore a single or multiple tooth loss. Brides are comprised of two dental crowns that literally “bridge” the gap between your remaining teeth. Bridges can restore the appearance & function of your bite, whilst preventing movement in your existing teeth, which can occur where there are gaps.